Our four regular Aussies – a small business owner, a young mother, a pensioner and a farmer – all know the federal budget affectst the family budget.


But they all seem generally happy with what Joe Hockey delivered this year.

Young mother Aminata won’t be giving up her job thanks to the childcare package, while pharmacy owner Anthony Sadak is thrilled with the small business incentives announced.

Farmer Martin Honner gives the extra tax deductions a thumbs up, but asks where was the regional infrastructure announcement?

Retiree Ces Conte is happy about his increased pension but would like to see measures supporting job opportunities and job security for migrants.

Young family: James Ansuma, Aminata Tengbeh and their three children

Full time workers James Ansumana and Wife Aminata Tengbeh have three children in childcare.

Aminata was considering stopping work because of the high cost of sending their children to care.

They could be about $90 a fortnight better off under the new childcare changes.

That’s enough to convince Aminata to continue working.

Their plans for a fourth baby though are now on hold.


The farmer: Martin Honner

Fourth generation Riverina farmer Martin Honner has welcomed the Government’s announcement of tax deductions for farmers who invest in fencing, water storage and fodder storage.

He says it will help farmers “drought-proof” their properties following the bureau of meteorology’s declaration of an El Nino weather event.

He liked the Government’s commitment to Northern Australia, but said he was disappointed there was no major infrastructure announcement for regional Australia.


The pensioner:  Ces Conte

Melbourne pensioner Ces Conte’s sole asset is his house.

He stands to receive a modest increase in his pension payments.

But having spent many years volunteering with the multicultural community he says the budget fails to clearly deliver job security and opportunities for migrants, which he enjoyed when he was working as a teacher.


The small business owner: Anthony Sadak

Anthony Sadek is thrilled with this budget.

He says the one and a half per cent business tax cut as well as accelerated depreciation of purchases will free up cash, which he will then re-invest in his business.

He said it would be “suicidal” for the Opposition to block the changes.